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Pluma San Sebastian

Sale price$20.00

Chocolate • Caramel Apple • Buttercream Icing

light |— — —X— — — | dark

Location / San Sebastián Coatlán
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 900-1300m
Beans / Bourbon, Caturra, Typica Pluma


Label photo from You Will Look To The Mountains by Anne Rearick 

Why we love it: Yum! The sweetness? Deep. The acidity? Balanced. We're not not imagining bathing in this deliciousness. Roasted lighter to bring out a creamy, caramel apple flavor symphony. Enjoy as a great batch brew or pour over. 

Who it comes from: Mexico Oaxaca Pluma San Sebastian Coatlan is sourced from eighty family-owned farms located in San Sebastián Coatlán along the slopes of the Sierra Sur region within the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. On average, each producer cultivates coffee on 4 acres of land and relies on the income from coffee production for a living. Farmers process coffee with their own micro-wet mills and dry the coffee in the sun on patios before transporting the coffee in parchment to a centrally located dry mill facility where the coffee is prepared for export.

Mexico - Pluma San Sebastian
Mexico - Pluma San Sebastian Sale price$20.00