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Bedhatu Jibicho


Lemonade • Black Tea • Ripe Peach

light |—X— — — — — | dark

Location / Yirgacheffe
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1800-1900m
Beans / Heirloom
12 oz.

Label photo from "And in its Place, Another" by Kovi Konowiecki

Why we love it: Did someone say Yirgacheffe? Known for quality as high as its elevation, this classic coffee offers stone fruit sweetness, delicate florals and undeniable lemony brightness.

Who it comes from: Bedhatu Jibicho's farm is located in Worka, where she was born and raised. Her coffee story began in the 1960s after her husband was granted land by the government. She has proudly managed and expanded operations for over 50 years and now, at over 80 years old, she is happy to have her grown children help carry on the rich tradition of coffee cultivation. 

Why it matters: A woman-owned, family-operated, single-estate farm in the Gedeb District of Yirgacheffe. Sales of this coffee directly support Bedhatu and her family, contributing to their dream of expanding the farm and establishing an export company.

Ethiopia - Bedhatu Jibicho
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