There are a couple of older books, but I've included them because I missed them before.

Knit Club by Carolyn Drake - TBW

Beyond Caring by Paul Graham - MACK

Suburban Herbarium by William Arnold - Uniform Books


Strajk / Strike by Rafal Milach - Jednostka


Zanjir by Amak Mahmoodian - ICVL/RRB


Rato Tesoura Pistola by Pedro Guimaraes - XYZ


Alison McCauley by Anywhere But Here - Photo Editions


This Land by Martin Amis - Photo Editions


Ghost Stories by Federico Clavarino - Ediciones Anomalas


At Night Gardens Grow by Paul Guilmoth - Stanley /Barker

Vanessa Winship is a photographer living in the Eastern Coast of England. Over the pandemic, i would say her and her husband George Georgiou are who i have spent the most time on zoom with. So many breakfast/dinner dates. We hope to have a new project with her ready for 2022. Be prepared!