I have been thinking a lot about my relationship to books lately. They are the only thing that I have been interested in for my entire life. A lot of my childhood memories involve the Fairfield Public Library near my home in rural Illinois. My teenage years saw me become interested in punk and DIY subculture and the zines and other literature associated with that world. My art never felt whole until I realized a decade ago that I could merge my interest in books and zines with my photographic practice and started publishing myself. Now, in a year that I am newly married, I'm thankful to be able to live with a lot of books in our new home every day. These are a few that have made a special impact on me this year. 

4. Legal Concealers by Public Collectors 

Nathan Pearce is a photographer from Fairfield, IL. He made a very fun split with Tim Carpenter this year called South of Chicago. He also got married this year! Congrats Nathan & Meghan!