1. Joe Cool - Paul Loya Gallery

    Paul Loya Gallery
    2677 S. La Cienega Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA

    April 5th - May 24th

    Joseph Sterling
    Joe Szabo
    Nolan Hall
    Scott Pommier

    Joe Cool - Paul Loya Gallery


  3. Clint Woodside: Wales, NY. Christmas Eve, 2013

  4. Grant Hatfield: Alex Knost ear damage, Santa Ana, CA, October 2013

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    Spot - Photographs by Spot

    Photographs by Spot is an amazing documentation of 70s & 80s punk and beach culture of Southern California. All by the man who recorded all of SSTs early releases. It’s all in there. Black Flag, Big Boys, all of it. Edited and covers by Ed Templeton.

    Split release with Boo-Hooray 
    36 pg. full color photo zine. 
    Color Laser Print Interiors 
    Silk-screen/Risograph covers (Various colors) 
    8.5” x 5.5” 
    Edition of 500 
    (250 to Deadbeat Club/250 to Boo-Hooray)
    Available Here
    Deadbeat Club #20

    Photographs By Spot

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    Ed Templeton - Random & Pointless

    Limited edition, hand folded overview of a variety of Ed Templeton’s proof sheets. The life and times of Ed & Deanna Templeton and what goes on around them, in Huntington Beach and Beyond. Multiple fold outs, and bellyband.

    28 pg. full color photo zine. 
    Multiple fold out pages 
    Color Laser Print 
    8.5” x 5.5” 
    Edition of 400
    Available Here
    Deadbeat Club #19

    Ed Templeton - Random & Pointless

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    Andrea Sonnenberg - Never Wake A Sleeping Dragon

    Maybe you know her as Teen Witch?

    36 pg. full color photo zine. 
    Color Laser Print 
    8.5” x 5.5” 
    Edition of 200
    Available Here
    Deadbeat Club #18

    Andrea Sonnenberg - Never Wake A Sleeping Dragon

  8. are you with us?? Let’s hope so!!

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    Ed and Deanna Templeton - Niñas Patineta

    60 pg. full color photo zine.
    Color Laser Print
    8.5” x 7”
    Edition of 400
    Available here
    Deadbeat Club #17

    Ed & Deanna Templeton - Niñas Patineta