Uganda Natural - Sipi Falls Microlot feat. Ed Templeton Holiday Artwork

light |—X— — — — — | dark

Vanilla Extract • Dark Chocolate • Boozy Grape

Location / Kaproron 
Process / Natural 
Elevation / 1700-1950m
Beans / Bourbon

Why we love it: Wow! We can't get enough of Sipi Falls Natural! Like, we literally can't get enough... because it's a microlot and pretty hard to come by. So we got what we could, wrapped it in custom Ed Templeton holiday art, and voila - the perfect limited edition gift for the coffee lover in your life. This lush, balanced, sweet and clean Uganda is a wonderfully complex Natural process coffee. It's delightful across all brew methods but REALLY good and velvety as an espresso. Stand out notes include Vanilla Extract, Dark Chocolate and Boozy Grape! 

Who it comes from: Located on Mt Elgon at the border of Uganda and Kenya, Sipi Falls, is a centralized wet mill named after the mountain's most famous waterfall just down the road. The mill buys and processes cherry from 8,000 organic and diversified small holder farms across the northern part of the mountain, home to farming communities growing some of the best organic coffee in Africa. 

Why it matters: Ok, the sheer volume of quality coffee produced by this single wet mill speaks to the truly ideal conditions of elevation, biological wealth, and human experience that abound between the farmers and Sipi Falls’ management team. Not to mention the ingenious business model itself, which, more than 20 years after its founding, continues to be a leader in affordable, certified coffee of the highest quality on the continent.

In 2016, the quality team at Sipi Falls started tinkering with honey and natural processed cherry as a side project to their already established fully washed coffee program. Today, with a few years under their belt, there is now an annual portfolio of honey, natural, and custom washed coffees that masterfully showcase the full spectrum of Elgon’s high-elevation terroir. The naturals in particular can be some of the best in Africa, which, with Ethiopia nearby, is saying A LOT.

Sipi Falls’ naturals are rich and concentrated, with sweetness profiles like strawberry syrup and balsamic vinegar. They tend to be intensely complex when fresh and increasingly more approachable as they rest. It is an incredible experience to see such a prime terroir be unlocked through quality processing, where just a matter of years ago it was often lost in transit.

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