*Special Edition* Michael Jang - A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Noodle Bar


A Funny Thing Happened... Special Edition includes:

  • Signed & numbered zine.
  • Signed & numbered 5" x 6.5" archival pigment print photograph from the book.
  • All of this comes in a manila envelope with sticker of print inside stamped & numbered.
  • Very limited edition of only 40.
  • Stickers!

32 pg.
Full color photo zine.
Digital Offset
6” x 9”
Edition of 40
Deadbeat Club #75

Standard Edition Available Here.

Everyone asks, "who is Michael Jang?" but has anyone checked lately, HOW is Michael Jang? We sure did... and he... is thriving. For one thing, he was just awarded a coveted 2021 Guggenheim Fellowship and now a Deadbeat Club zine! Even as the pandemic altered our perception of shared space, with the indoors largely off-limits, Jang continued showing his photos - at intersections, on street corners, across shuttered windows and doors, free to the public, on view indefinitely and prone to spontaneous "collaboration". "A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Noodle Bar" is a selection of original photos and their latest public reincarnations for what Jang describes as, "Automatic for the People... free, no need to check your bag, food and 'drink' allowed. Open 24-7."

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