Milk Glass Mug & Coffee Combo


Limited time offer! Your new favorite mug is here and it pairs perfectly with our newest coffees. Save now & get both in one of our limited time combo packs. Each pack comes with one Milk Glass Stacking Mug and one 12oz bag of microlot coffee. Choose from Kenya Gatomboya (light roast) or Colombia Eduardo Caez (medium roast). ($60 value). Ends March 1st. 

280 ml / 9.5 oz
Milk Glass Stacking Mug. 
Graphic on two sides. 
Color: White. 
Material: Glass. 
Side Handle. 
Made in Japan. 

Care instructions below: 
This mug is not heat-resisting glass. Not dishwasher safe. Do not use in oven or microwave. Don't place over direct fire. 

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