Kenya - Karinga

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Grapefruit • Black Currant • Brown Sugar

Location / Kiambu
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1850m
Beans / SL-28, SL-34

Label photo by Ave Pildas from his forthcoming book. (Title TBD) 

Why we love it: JUICY! This is a classic Kenyan coffee with juicy mouthfeel and bright yet earthy, fruity flavors. It costs a bit more, as it's a limited supply microlot, but it's so good that we really wanted to offer it to ya. 

Who it comes from: The Karinga Coffee Factory is headed by Samwel Muteti. With a small staff of only 6, the factory services hundreds of local farms with the Gitwe Farmers’ Co-operative Society Ltd.

Why it matters:  Not only does Karinga work with the co-op to provide opportunity for smaller farms, they go above beyond to also offer training and financing to continue improving the region's coffee quality. Pair that with their water conservation efforts and indigenous tree protection, and you've got a tasty microlot worthy of support. 


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