Kenya - Gatomboya

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Grape Candy • Pomegranate • Brown Sugar
12 oz

Location / Nyeri
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1700m
Beans / SL-28, SL-34

Label photo by Ian Bates from Meadowlark

Why we love it: Rich, sugary coffee that's bigger and rounder than some of the brighter Kenyan offerings we've had. Expect lots of deep sweetness and notes of ripe tropical fruit, grape candy, pomegranate and blackberry. The cup has a rounded acidity and full body with lots of sugar-browning, reminiscent of cherry cola. While deeply sweet, it's not lacking in complexity at all, making this one ripper of a drip coffee or even espresso.

Who it comes from: Quality coffee from the Gatomboya Factory in Nyeri, Kenya. The local Gatomboya stream helps process this beautiful washed coffee. Around 600 farmers process their cherry at Gatomboya, where coffees are sorted by ripeness and quality before pulping and washing. This coffee received around 24-48 hours of fermentation before being laid to dry on raised beds.


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