Hippie Jump - Bali Natural Organic

light |— X— — — — — | dark

Dried Strawberry • Chai Spice • Dark Chocolate Cake

Location / Bali, Kintamani 
Process / Natural 
Elevation / 1200 - 1600m
Beans / S795, Bourbon & Typica
12 oz

To bake, you must wake. And we've got just the trick; our new Hippie Jump coffee is a joint effort with Mister Green and General Admission, and it's the perfect warm up to your day. Hippie Jump is a natural processed coffee, lightly roasted to bring out notes of dried strawberry, dark chocolate cake and a hint of chai spice. Beans are sourced from family-owned farms and organically grown in the volcanic soils of Bali's Kintamani highlands using ecologically sustainable irrigation developed by Hindu high priests over 1000 years ago. The result is harmony in a cup. And we're not just blowing smoke.

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