Guatemala - Awal Nan


Milk Chocolate • Vanillin • Cherry

Location / Huehuetenango
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1400-1600m
Beans / Bourbon

Why we love it: A distinctly well-rounded cup with notes of vanilla, ripe cherry and a milk chocolate finish. 

Who it comes from: Awal Nan is a network of women growers in Guatemala's mountainous territory of Chuchmatan, Huehuetenango. Part of a larger cooperative called ACODIHUE that was founded in 1996, Awal Nan's designated coffee is a very refined selection, comprising only 22% of the co-op's total annual production. Awal Nan is the region's native Mam language and translates in Spanish to "Siembra de Mujer". 

Why it feels good: The Awal Nan network operates within the larger ACODIHUE cooperative with a focus on empowering women farmers. 

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