Decaf Papua New Guinea - Saine Chimbu

light |— —X— — — — | dark

Cane Sugar • Milk Chocolate • Malted Barley

Location / Chimbu 
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1350m
Beans / Bourbon, Typica

Label photo by Nelson Chan

Why we love it: We love this decaf… yes, we said decaf! Clean, sweet and bright, this versatile decaf blend is pleasantly citrus forward and then turns up the nuttiness with our preferred medium roast profile! 

Who it comes from: The Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative is made up of farms in the Chuave district of Chimbu. The farms have organized together to share learnings, best practices and market access for fair prices. Fair Trade Certified and organically grown.

Why it matters: On behalf of the farmers, the SOAC accesses the international coffee markets and helps with financing, quality improvement, certification and community based projects promoting gender equality and education. 

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