Costa Rica - Sircof Red Honey

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Dark Grape • Sweet Citrus • Cacao

Location / Grecia, Alajuela 
Process / Red Honey 
Elevation / 1350m
Beans / Caturra, Geisha

Label photo from "Let Me Sow Love" (forthcoming) by Roger Richardson

Why we love it: Layered and complex with sweet rich notes ranging from juicy to chocolatey. A great specialty pour-over or single origin espresso. 

Who it comes from: Marco and Maricela Oviedo are the husband & wife team behind Finca Sircof and the third generation to run the family operation. Upon taking the reins, Marco quickly improved coffee quality by bringing in-house more of the process, and thus more control. One micro-mill later and their efforts have paid off.

Why it matters: As part of The Farmers Project, Finca Sircof shares the goal of fair prices to support their workers, farms and families. Together, the collective farms pool their knowledge & best practices, and ultimately export their specialty coffee as one lot, ensuring market access, fair prices and better wages for workers.

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