Costa Rica - Farmers Collective

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Cocoa • Ripe Citrus • Caramel

Location / Central Valley 
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1350-1400m
Beans / Villa Sarchi, Caturra

Label photo from "Jasper" by Matthew Genitempo

Why we love it: Sweet and silky with notes of citrus and chocolate. We love this coffee as a pour-over or batch brew AND it's super tasty as a creamy sweet shot of espresso too.  

Who it comes from: Our Farmers Collective coffee comes from five farms in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The Farmers Project was started after Jonathan Jost and Marianella Baez Jost saw that local farmers worked very hard, only to sell their coffee for prices that could not sustain the most basic lifestyle. With the shared goal of fair prices to support their workers, farms and families, the five farms pool their knowledge and ultimately export their specialty coffee as one lot. 

Why it matters: This blend consists of coffees from Cafe con Amor, Zalmari Estate, El Greco, Familia Fernandez, and Sircof. Together they use sustainable practices to cultivate quality coffee and establish long-term relationships with trusted buying partners committed to integrity and fairness in business. 


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