Colombia - Rosa Aza

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Guava • Honey • Peach
12 oz

Label photo from "Rabbit / Hare" by David Billet & Ian Kline

Why we love it: Complex, well-structured and JUICY. Enjoy bright guava and peach notes, then sit back and let the sweet brown sugar, ginger cookie finish shine through. We love this one as our morning pour over... and we've been making enough extra for a second cup/hotter-upper for each of us!

Who it comes from: El Chiflon is a small producer from the Nariño region of Colombia, known for sweet and beautifully complex coffees. 

Why it feels good: Support for small farms growing limited quantity micro lot coffee means focused quality control... which means better market access... which means better market prices and higher reinvestment and quality of life on the farm. See how that works? Good, right?

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