Colombia - Huila Sur


Toffee • White Grape • Cacao

Location / Huila
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1700-2000m
Beans / Colombia Blend

Why we love it: Exceptionally well-balanced and versatile. Its sweetness and body make for a great cup in a variety of brew methods. 

Who it comes from: Another regional gem of a blend from Azahar Coffee in Huila, Colombia (see our Decaf Colombia Oh Pioneros). Here, Azahar partnered with Cadefihuila, the area's oldest co-op, to source for intense fragrance, sweetness and balance in coffees from families in Pitalito, Palestina and Acevedo. 

Why it matters: Both Cadefihuila and Azahar Coffee focus on quality and consistency while also prioritizing every link in the long chain of coffee production, paying a fair price to each producer. 

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