Colombia - Eduardo Caez

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Mango • Passion Fruit • Cherry Cola
12 oz

Location / Nariño
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1950m
Beans / Castillo

Label photo By Nathan Pearce

Why we love it: This coffee truly holds up to all our expectations with beautifully balanced notes of mango and passion fruit. The body is syrupy and round, with a finish of caramel and cherry cola, making this an excellent drip or espresso. 

Who it comes from: This tiny micro-lot hails from the farm of Eduardo Caez, located in Nariño, Colombia. Our favorite coffees in Colombia consistently come from the Nariño region, which is known for producing some of the sweetest, most complex coffees on earth. 

Why it matters: Support for small farms growing limited quantity micro lot coffee means focused quality control... which means better market access... which means better market prices and higher reinvestment and quality of life on the farm. See how that works? Good, right?

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