Burundi - Turihamwe

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Sweet Tangerine • Vanilla • Rubarb

Location / Ngozi
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1750m
Beans / Burbon
12 oz

Label photo by Patrick O'Dell from his forthcoming book. (Title TBD) 

Why we love it:  Complex sweetness with bright acidity, notes of sweet tangerine, rhubarb and vanilla. Like, can coffee be pie? No, but it can be pie's best friend... or yours. Make this coffee your friend.

Who it comes from: Turihamwe Turashobora translates to "Together we can!" and is the chosen moniker of this ambitious coffee producer group. This particular coffee was produced entirely by women farmers and processed at the Gitemezi wet mill - another women-led effort to maintain quality control.

Why it matters:  Burundi Turihamwe is IWCA certified - The International Women's Coffee Alliance differentiates coffees for traceability and impact, with a focus on women's empowerment. 

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