Brazil - Santa Clara

LIGHT |— — —X— — — | DARK

Roasted Almond • Dark Chocolate • Cola

Location / Andradas, Sul de Minas 
Process / Full Natural 
Elevation / 960-1100m 
Beans / Catuai, Icatu

Why we love it: We like a medium roast for Santa Clara, to accentuate its dark chocolate notes, yet still allow its delicate almond nuttiness to shine as well. Great as an everyday French press/batch brew or espresso drink. 

Who it comes from: Santa Clara's origins date back to the Italian migration to Brazil of the late 19th/early 20th century. The Bassi family founded Santa Clara as a grape farm and it was later converted to coffee. The farm was passed on to Paulo Teixeira Giordani who has been at the helm since the 1990s. Before that, he enjoyed a successful career in engineering until deciding to reconnect with his family's roots and return to the countryside. 

Why it matters: Using organic and biodynamic practices, Paulo has improved the quality and high yield production of coffee at Santa Clara. The farm serves as an example, inspiration and resource for local farmers to also learn to farm organically and sustainably.

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