Brazil - Fazenda Klem

LIGHT |— — —X— — — | DARK

Honey Roasted Peanut • Milk Chocolate • Caramel

Location / Luisburgo, Minas Gerais 
Process / Full Natural 
Elevation / 900-1250m 
Beans / Red Catuai

Label photo from "We've Been Out Driving" by Tim Carpenter

Why we love it: We like a medium roast for Fazenda Klem, to accentuate its milk chocolate notes, yet still allow its delicate nuttiness to shine as well. Great as an everyday French press/batch brew or espresso drink. 

Who it comes from: The Klem family has been cultivating coffee on their estate for over 50 years, earning a reputation for quality coffee. Theirs has been recognized in several cupping competitions, including a 3rd place finish in Brazil's 2017 Cup of Excellence! 

Why it matters: The family has an innovative profit sharing partnership with over 50 families that work on the estates. Through this arrangement of co-ownership, they have seen success beyond coffee, also organically producing honey, vegetables, bananas, avocados and eggs - not to mention the 5000+ native trees that they plant each year in the constantly expanding forest preserve.

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