Brazil - Campo Grande

light |— — —X— — — | dark

Chocolate Cake • Hazelnut • Vanilla

Location / Norte de Minas 
Process / Natural
Elevation / 790m
Beans / Yellow Catuai, Catucai

Why we love it: Yum! Sweet but not too sweet, like an unadulterated dark chocolate cake, no icing needed. And creamy with notes of vanilla... just yum. A French press favorite in our house!

Who it comes from: Fazenda Campo Grande in Ninheira, Minas Gerais is run by Agropecuária Baianeira and produces specialty Natural processed coffees. Agropecuária Baianeira was formed by the dream of two young cousins ​​who spent their childhoods together on their grandparents’ rural farms. They came together to open a coffee farm in 2002 starting from scratch, acquiring 186 hectares with the proceeds from selling a car.

Why it matters: Minas Gerais borders the Jequitinhonha Valley - known as a land of art and home to many famous Brazilian performers. However, it is also a region of poverty. The cousins ​​quickly realized that their coffee ambitions could improve the lives of these neighboring community. For nearly 20 years, they have worked to develop infrastructure and best practices with careful attention to traceability, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, producing quality coffee for the specialty coffee market through carefully prepared and selected batches, increasing the region’s natural potential. 


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