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Artículo: Photobooks Of Note 2018 - Micamera

Photobooks Of Note 2018 - Micamera

Photobooks Of Note 2018 - Micamera

It has been an amazing rich year in the world of photobooks.
Standards are now so high that there is no longer just ONE title of year that stands out, but a personal selection based on a personal taste - the moment you write it, you can’t help thinking of so many other titles that you would really need to add. 


Still Feel Gone - Tim Carpenter & Nathan Pearce
This book shows how, following the same tracks, we can reach the same destination - even at different speed.

American Winter - Gerry Johansson
Every time Gerry Johansson publishes a book, the same thing happens: you already know what to expect and still, it’s a wonderful surprise.

Eggs and Rarities - Paul Kooiker
Paul Kooiker manages to work in the absence of time and this extraordinary book perfectly expresses this feeling. Among the pages, the touching memory of a common friend.

PAST K-VILLE - Mark Steinmetz
To quote a famous author: "Every new book by Mark Steinmetz is my favorite book". Who said that?

Per strada - Guido Guidi
Our favorite Italian author. Guidi's road has been long and passionate and the International success of this work is totally deserved.
A simple and wonderful journey.

Driftless - Jason Vaughn & Brad Zellar
A bright, intense and unsettling book. A real ode to a delicate and intelligent use of photography and word, together on the pages.

Nativity Scenes - Marco Rigamonti
As simple as it may be, it is a perfect stratagem to look at the landscape with affection. The book is a small and delightful object.

Halfstory Halflife - Raymond Meeks
If you are interested in the theme of adolescence, if you have a certain affinity with the sensitivity of the author,  this book, it is an extraordinary work: intense, lyrical and romantic.

Our absolute favorite of 2018. A real dive into the heart ...

In the Vicinity – Ed Panar
The more we work with photobooks, the more we like books that tell the story of places where someone has returned over and over, for a long time. This place in California reminds us so much of our beloved Trebbia valley.


A Trilogy - Jessica Backhaus
It’s almost Christmas! The perfect book to leaf through sitting in front of the fireplace with your loved ones, an ode to simplicity and everyday things - now declined through experimentation.


Micamera, in Milan, Italy, is perhaps the best bookshop in the world, if not it's in the top 3. its run by Giulia and Flavio, and the encyclopedic knowledge of books and photographers they have, is just mind blowing. That, along with the community outreach they have with the amount of programing year round... its a miracle that either of them can still stand up!

Protip: Do Not pull up to the shop in a Ferrari.

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