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Artículo: PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2021 - Martin Amis

PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2021 - Martin Amis

PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2021 - Martin Amis

Encampment, Wyoming: Selections from the Lora Webb Nichols Archive 1899-1948, FW: Books

I had this on my 2020 list for Photobookstore, but most people didn’t get to see it until this year so I will take the liberty of including it here.  One of the few books that within 30 seconds of opening you know that you have something quite special on your hands.

Apiary by Robin Friend, Loose Joints

I only just received this one, so making a very quick call on including it here.  An excellent example of a project perfectly suited to the photobook medium which is further elevated by another great Loose Joints design.

Material by Jet Swan, Loose Joints

A suitably subtle but effective design lets Jet Swan’s striking images take the lead.  Unusual, unique and a little unsettling - this is a very assured first photobook.

In Plain Air by Irina Rozovsky, Mack

It’s all about the light in this beautiful glowing golden sequence of images granted a perfectly restrained design. A classy book in every way.

Street Portraits by Dawoud Bey, Mack

An extraordinary series of portraits, deep rich printing and an elegant design, what more can you ask?

Räuber by Josh Kern, Eigensinn

Räuber features one great photo after another in Kern’s trademark snapshot style which like his previous book Love Me, he somehow pulls together in a chaotic but highly effective full-bleed journal design.  Full of love and life, Räuber is quite simply mesmerising.

Sub Sole by Masao Mascaro, Chose Commune

An impeccably presented and printed document of the modern Mediterranean.  There is no showboating here, just beautifully observed subtle nuances to create a bigger picture.

You can call me Nana by Will Harris, Overlapse

Overlapse have been making great books for several years now, and this richly layered look at dementia and loss maybe one of their best and most heartfelt to date.

Haddon Hall by Naomi Harris, Void

A wam, affectionate and humorous look at senior citizens of South Miami Beach.  The photographic style may not currently be in fashion, but who cares - this is just great work, presented with the usual excellent Void attention to detail.

At Night Gardens Grow by Paul Guilmoth - Stanley Barker

A brooding evocative journey through the darkness from a bright new talent.  Grab it while you can.

Ask me another day I would probably give a few alternative selections, so here are a few other 2021 books I will mention:

The Forgotten by Rosalind Fox Solomon (Mack)

Arboreal by Virginia Wilcox (Deadbeat Club)

Dream Moons by Yurian Quintanas Nobel (Void)

Speak the Wind by Hoda Afshar (Mack)

Martin Amis is the man behind PhotobookstoreUK, an online bookshop specializing in... you guessed it, Photobooks. Martin curates a list like this every year too... so he knows how stressful this can be... especially with all the holiday craziness. He also published his second book "This Land" under his new publishing imprint Photo Editions Ltd. Highly recommended.

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There are a couple of older books, but I've included them because I missed them before. Knit Club by Carolyn Drake - TBW Beyond Caring by Paul Graham - MACK Suburban Herbarium by William Arnold ...

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