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Here is a list of my favorite music from 2020. My music tendency is to listen to full records only, never individual songs. Also, I love a good beat and a singalong voice. Music was particularly impactful to me this year because I found myself alone a lot. In no particular order of importance, these 2020 albums have been on repeat in my household...

Tennis -  Swimmer 
boom, I heard a few of their songs on a long road trip this Summer and fell in love with the voice. Very similar sounds to another favorite Beach House, I am happy that I came across this duo. Sweet beats and a great voice.

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Alfredo
Best rap album of the year, by far, in my humble opinion. Alc is the most consistent producer in the game and Gangsta Gibbs outdoes himself yet again. I wish this album was triple the length.

Khruangbin - Mordechai
There are three or four tracks on this LP that are unforgettable. Funky, cool, and super soulful. The more I listen, the more it grows on me.

The Dears - Lovers Rock
Best singalong album of the year. Montreal-based rockers The Dears have been making strong albums for decades. I consider this the follow-up to their breakup record No Cities Left, another beautiful heartbreaker. I f*cking love this album. There have never been a ton of black lead singers doing like this.

Land of Talk - Indistinct Conversations
Another Canadian band with a long history of strong albums, Land of Talk's latest record doesn't disappoint. It's filled with inward-revealing rock songs, and Elizabeth Powell has one of the best voices in current rock. The beats are solid, the tracks are strong.

Kim Gordon - No Home Record
A pretty experimental record from Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. Technically complicated and it hits pretty hard at times, which I love. This record feels like it was built for the quarantine. Her voice is one for the history books.

Deftones - Ohms
Kind of unbelievable that Deftones are still making solid records after so many years. They have changed a lot since the 90's but still bring a ton of energy and musical skill. I don't listen to a ton of heavy music, and maybe this isn't so heavy to most. Glorious album. Last year this spot was for Tool's Fear Inoculum, this year it's unmistakably Deftones.

Benny the Butcher - Burden of Proof
Hip-Hop Hip-Hop!!!! Benny the Butcher brings back some classic-sounding rap music to the game, there hasn't been an album that sounded this much like golden era in a while. Great beats throughout from Hit-Boy, and he has some amazing guest spots from Freddie Gibbs, Rick Ross, Big Sean and.... he was even blessed with an actual fire verse from Lil Wayne, which is always surprising.

Boldy James - The Price of Tea in China
Detroit's own Boldy James has one of the best voices and flows in rap music. Him and Alchemist always make for a perfect duo. Outstanding production work from Alc. I wish I was smart enough to have copped this on vinyl, I'm sure it's a few hunnid already.

Kris Graves is a photographer and Publisher at +KGP. He has also started a new publishing company this year called Monolith Editions, publishing "books from artists of color across all mediums". Kris just got the cover of National Geographic... soooooo that's pretty amazing.

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