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Colombia - Best Of Antioquia

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Cherry Juice • LImeade • Chocolate

Location / Caicedo municipality, Antioquia department
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 2000m
Beans / Caturra

Label photo from 'High & Lonesome' by Nathan Pearce

Why we love it: This coffee truly holds up to all our expectations with beautifully balanced notes of cherry juice and chocolate. Full-bodied & delicious, this an excellent drip or espresso. 

Who it comes from: Best of Antioquia is a competition hosted by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros Colombianos (FNC), the most advanced and ambitious NGO working on behalf of a national specialty coffee sector anywhere in the world.

Cielo Ruy Bolivar Gonzalez, along with her husband and 3 children, manage 3 hectares of coffee near Caicedo. Cielo has almost 20 years of experience picking and processing coffee. She and her family purchased the land for El Naranjo 8 years ago and began production with 300 coffee trees. Little by little the family transformed the 3-hectare property to a high-production farm flush with 4-5 year old healthy coffee trees, which she is constantly renovating parcel by parcel. Cielo had never entered a quality competition before but was convinced to enter this one after a local buyer insisted she do so. She has always been happy living and working in the field, but now feels she can also be proud of what she produces, having been recognized in this way through the competition. 

Colombia - Best Of Antioquia
Colombia - Best Of Antioquia Sale price$39.00