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Artikel: PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2018 - Matthew Genitempo

PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2018 - Matthew Genitempo

PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2018 - Matthew Genitempo

It was an exceptionally good year for photobooks and I left a few off of my list… but in no particular order, here are my favorites. 


Sanlé Sory - Studio Volta Photo

I’m actually surprised this book hasn’t been on more lists. To be fair, it is a small edition and it’s a tad expensive, but it’s worth every penny. As an object, it’s my favorite book of 2018. The design, the production, and the pictures are unbeatable.


Mary Frey - Real Life Dramas

Another remarkable book from Mary Frey that catches the humor, the sorrow, and the absurdity of an everyday past life. It’s also accompanied by a thoughtful essay from Tim Carpenter. This is a tremendous book.


Past K-Ville has been on many lists for a reason. Castaways, spray painted testimonies, and young love all bound by a deep affection for the South. A profound reminder of our own desire and the shadows we throw upon the earth and one another. They’re just pictures, but pictures we can write into our own truths.


I am beyond grateful for this release. It’s essential – a new authority.



This book was just released and I imagine it will end up on everyone’s lists for 2019. I watched this book take shape from the beginning and I am so delighted the world can now witness its brilliance.


Raymond Meeks - Halfstory Halflife
Another one on every list. It’s incredible. Why don’t you have this book yet?



Fumi Ishino - Rowing A Tetrapod
This came out in 2017, but I’m breaking the rules and putting it on here because I recently bought it. It’s a playfully critical look at disorientation and acclimation. I haven’t had this much fun looking at a book in a long time.


Matthew Genitempo is a photographer who lives in Marfa, TX. His new book "Jasper" is on more lists then not. It's a beautiful book. We just met last month and he rules. 

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