El Salvador - Lenca

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Nutty • Sweet Cream • Cocoa

Location / Morazan
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1200-1500m
Beans / Burbon, Caturra, Cataui
12 oz

Label photo from "Laurel Mountain Laurel" by Jake Reinhart

Why we love it: Creamy, sweet and versatile. Sip as an espresso, pour-over or batch brew.

Who it comes from: Lenca, or "Land of Abundant Water," is located in an area of ancient forests in El Salvador's department of Morazan. With a long tradition of coffee cultivation and Indigenous communities, Lenca coffee is the result of fresh water, fertile land and extreme altitudes where "cloud forests" regularly form, protecting the plants from harsh weather fluctuations. 

Why it matters: By growing coffees that command higher premiums, the coffee growing community of Lenca is working to maintain forest-shade growth and to fend off timber industry deforestation that threatens the area. 

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