Ethiopia - Yachisi Natural


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Blackberry • Brown Sugar • Milk Chocolate

Location / Shakisso
Process / Natural
Elevation / 1900-2000m
Beans / Heirloom

Why we love it: Naturally processed, berry forward with complementary chocolate notes. What's not to love? Wake up with this bright, refreshing cup and hope the rest of your day is just as fruitful.

Who it comes from: Established in 2000, the Mormora Coffee Plantation is operated by Wodesa Yachisi. The 250 acre farm also purchases coffee from nearby family-owned farms, creating a sense of community, especially during the harvest. Ripe coffee cherries are brought to the washing station, sorted and dried on raised beds for 15-20 days. Wodesa and his team manage processing at each step, ensuring proper air circulation, temperature control, rotation, storage, milling and eventual export. 

Why it feels good: Wodesa and the Mormora Coffee Plantation proudly invest in their community, ie working with the local elementary school and helping with the construction of two local roads. 

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