Ethiopia - Biloya

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Ripe Peach • Jasmine • Blood Orange

Location / Yirgacheffe
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1900m
Beans / Heirloom

Why we love it: Stone fruit sweetness with delicate floral notes. We roast Biloya lighter to really let its aromatics shine. This is a French press favorite in our house for a clean & crisp morning wake up call or an afternoon pick-me-up. Also lovely as a pour over or Chemex brew, thanks to its abundance of flavor. 

Who it comes from: Ethiopia Biloya is grown by smallholder farms - single families who operate a plot of land, who band together as a group of producers. This gives them better access to the market and its resources, like training, and industry innovation.

Why it matters: Biloya is named for the washing station that services the town's many traditional, often smaller, family farms. Thanks to a partnership with the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange, the families are guaranteed a more standardized wage for their harvest, regardless of volume and/or acreage. 

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