Ethiopia - Acacia

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Lemon • Stone Fruit • Honey

Location / Sidamo 
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1800m
Beans / Heirloom

Why we love it: Very versatile! Ethiopia Acacia has everything we look for in a good Sidamo coffee: sweetness, pronounced notes citrus and stone fruit with balanced acidity. We roast it light and enjoy it unadulterated as a French press, but like we said, it's very versatile and works across all brew methods. 

Who it comes from: Ethiopia Acacia is grown by smallholder farms - single families who operate a plot of land, who band together as a group of producers. This gives them better access to the market and its resources, like training, and industry innovation.

Why it matters: Acacia is a blend of the local Kurume, Dega and Wolisho landrace varieties of coffee which are isolated from other species. Known for their sweetness, acidity and fruit-forward taste profile, these Sidamo landraces have developed over time, adapting to their natural and cultural environment. By using these original indigenous varieties, we help promote the conservation of these unique trees.

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