Brazil - Santa Rita

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Milk Chocolate • Toffee • Molassess

Location / Minas Gerais
Process / Pulp Natural
Elevation / 960m
Beans / Mondo Nuovo

Why we love it: What's not to love about a round and creamy naturally sweet coffee?  Put your taste buds on high alert for notes of toffee, nutty cocoa and molasses. Enjoy daily as a sweet, full-bodied espresso or batch brew. 

Who it comes from: Filomena Estefânia and her brothers have had Fazenda Santa Rita since 1980. If passions can be inherited, then theirs came from their father, Francisco Mattos who was a longtime coffee producer in Brazil. Today, Filomena's daughter Maria Thereza manages the farm with dedication that seems to run in her blood. 

Why it matters: Filomena and her farm family go to great lengths to ensure practice environmentally sustainable practices at Fazenda Santa Rita. From careful soil and leaf analysis, to organic matter based fertilizer and pest control, even harvesting, processing and storing each section of the farm to preserve lot identity and quality, they truly value responsible business practices and transparency in the supply chain, from farm to shelf. Fazenda Santa Rita works to protect their home landscape while improving their livelihoods and advancing the human rights of rural people. 

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