Brazil - Oberon

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Milk Chocolate • Cashew • Honey

Location / Minas Gerais
Process / Pulp Natural
Elevation / 1010m
Beans / Mondo Nuovo

Why we love it: What's not to love about a full-bodied, sweet, chocolatey coffee?  Enjoy daily as an espresso or a deliciously sweet batch brew. 

Who it comes from: Jose Carlos Grossi's grandfather began farming coffee in 1879, which ultimately started the family down a path toward innovation and sustainability. Three generations (and nearly a century and a half) later, the Grossi family tradition has expanded beyond growing to include coffee processing and storage.

Why it matters: Jose Carlos Grossi & Sons is a family-run operation committed to social, environmental and economic sustainability, reaching beyond their own plantations to raise the quality (and thus the profits) of the region's coffee community. 

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