Peru - Churupampa

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Hazelnut • Toffee • Green Apple

Location / Cajamarca
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1850m
Beans / Bourbon, Caturra

Why we love it: Crisp, sweet and nutty, this versatile cup is great as a batch brew or espresso.

Who it comes from: At Finca Churupampa, the Tocto brothers took the reins from their parents with a vision for economically and environmentally sustainable coffee production. Their progressive model for operations, including export and marketing services, benefits the neighboring farms and community, with Finca Churupampa even serving as an open training center to improve production practices, thus breaking the cycle of poverty for the region's many farmers. 

Why it matters: Focused on both the environment and the welfare of the community's coffee producers, Churupampa provides farmers with research and opportunities to improve production. Regular training includes organic farming, soil management and composting using the diverse selection of microorganisms native to the surrounding forest. 

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