Papua New Guinea - Bunum Wo Peaberry

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Carmelized Orange • Brown Sugar • Cedar 

Location / Wahgi Valley 
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1500m
Beans / Peaberry

Label photo from "Medowlark" (forthcoming) by Ian Bates

Why we love it: Sweet and juicy with just a touch of savory, this balanced, all around enjoyable cup is a good bet to suit a variety of palates. 

Who it comes from: If thoughtful attention to detail were personified by a coffee estate, it would be Bunum Wo PB. Conservation priorities extend beyond their soil & water efforts and are woven into their eco-friendly operation. A shade strategy using different types of trees promotes even ripening of coffee cherries while also providing habitat for over 90 species of birds! Ripe coffee cherries are carefully selected, hand picked and pulped same day, followed by a meticulous 3-day fermentation process, with washing every 24hrs. A final day of full immersion balances the flavors and a 21-day sun-drying and conditioning begins. There’s more… destoning, hulling, grading, densitometric sorting, hand sorting, need we go on?

Why it matters: Free housing, healthcare and schooling for coffee pickers and farmers? “I am once again asking you…” if Bernie is behind this coffee. He is not; import partners Benchmark Coffee Traders are and they have a strong, progressive social agenda.

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