Honduras - Alma Natural

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Cherry • Swiss Chocolate • Cane Sugar

Location / Santa Barbara 
Process / Natural
Elevation / 1600m
Beans / Pacas

Why we love it: Naturally processed, very fruit-forward with a a creamy milk chocolate finish. This single origin coffee is great as an espresso or pour-over. 

Who it comes from: For the past 5 years, Alma Piñeda and her husband Evin Moreno have built their coffee farm with environmental sustainability as a top priority. They use shade trees (which are associated with better cup profiles) to allow the coffee to ripen slower while also benefiting the environment and helping to balance soil nutrients organically. Other efforts include using their discarded coffee pulp in an organic compost to feed new coffee shrubs, as well as using an organic fungus to prevent leaf rust. They've even found a way to organically attract, trap and remove any coffee bore beetles that threaten crops.

Why it feels good: Alma & Elvin have developed sustainable & organic standard operations to minimize waste and encourage organic growth. From recycling and composting to their organic methods of preventing leaf rust and pests, the pair readily share their innovative practices, educating the neighboring community in order to magnify their positive impact on the environment.

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