Guatemala - Libertad

light |— — X — — — — | dark

Cherry • Vanilla • Swiss Chocolate

Location / Huehuetenango
Process / Fully Washed
Elevation / 1500m
Beans / Various

Label photo from "Hayseed" (forthcoming) by Nathan Pearce

Why we love it: A uniquely complex Guatemalan, Libertad's stand out notes are sweet chocolate with a cherry finish. This versatile bean works well as a French press, pour over or even brewed in a coffee pot. You may notice different characteristics if brewed different ways, but the result is always a damn fine cup of coffee. 

Who it comes from: Libertad comes from 1800 smallholder producers throughout Huehuetenango, who have banded together to grow coffee with a sustainable model. This is a community lot in the truest sense; coffee is grown by many members of the community, and our partners for sourcing this coffee give back to the community through its established NGO Coffee Care (more info below), and through agronomy trainings. From the farm to the quality c ontrol lab, it's teamwork and collaboration that brings this coffee from high in the mountains of Guatemala, to you!

Why it matters: In regions like Huehuetenango, access to education, proper nutrition and health services can be very basic or even non-existent. That's why Coffee Care focuses on those essentials in order to better support the coffee producers there. A direct consequence of this program has been the construction of three schools and a clinic on partner farms. Through these schools, the kids have access to education and nutrition during the day when their parents are working in the fields.

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