PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2021 - Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi

Photography by Koji Kitagawa - Area Books

An 800-page anthology exploring the compulsive practice and process of Japanese photographer Koji Kitagawa. This is a book that one can experiment just like a good soundtrack: hypnotic when flipping through the pages rapidly, meditative when looked at quietly. 

Night Calls by Rebecca Norris Webb - Radius Books

I’ve always liked how image and text are always so intertwined in Rebecca Norris Webb’s work that it’s impossible to read an image without looking at the text. Night Calls is no different. In this book that reads almost like a diary, Rebecca tackles her own personal story through her 99-year old physician father’s many stories.  

Une infime distance by Nicholas Nixon - Atelier EXB

Most people know Nicholas Nixon for his iconic Brown Sisters series that was shot over 40 years.  Presented at the core of the book, the series is the starting point for a broader and deeper exploration of Nixon’s work, from industrial landscapes to portraits of his very own family. 

Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi runs Chose Commune, a book publisher out of Marseille, France. She made a book about hands, its so fun. Cécile just opened a new gallery called aato, specializing in ceramics... because she didn't have enough to do already???