Awoiska Van De Molen - The Living Mountain


Yusuf Sevincli - Tourmaline


Eva Voutsaki - Traces Within

Carolyn Drake - Knit Club

Paul Graham - A1 Great North Road

Jesse Lenz - The Locusts

Louise Honee - We Love Where We Live  


Mimi Plumb - The White Sky

Raymond Meeks - Cyprian Honey Cathedral 


Peter Bialobrzeski - Give My Regards To Elizabeth 

John Cage - A Mycological Foray


Angelo Vignali - Flattened in Time and Space

Mark Steinmetz - South Trilogy


Gregory Halpern -Let the Sun Beheaded Be


Jack Latham - Latent Bloom


Ward Long - Summer Sublet


Vanessa Winship is a photographer who lives in Folkstone, UK. (Thought is hiding out in Bulgaria during all this pandemic business) We have become very close with her and her husband George Georgiou and love it when we get the chance to talk till the wee hours with them. And if you are ever lucky enough to have ever her gluten/soy/dairy free chocolate cake... do not turn it away! We hope to have a project with her ready for the public in the coming year.