Chris Adler A.K.A. R. Knife: Scratch the Earth

This ambitious book could have been too clever by half. That it’s such a delight is a real achievement. 

Michael Ashkin: Were It Not For

How do you keep something this deeply sophisticated from feeling flashy or fussy? You got me. 

Matteo Di Giovanni: I Wish the World Was Even

I wrote on this terrific book for photoeye:

Brad Feuerhelm: Dein Kampf

In which Brad takes on the well-covered subject of Berlin and makes it all his own. 

Jenia Fridlyand: Entrance to Our Valley

Full disclosure: I’m one of this book’s publishers. Full disclosure: It’s wonderful.

John Gossage: Should Nature Change

Even after all this time, the great idiosyncratic vision never fails to astound.

Andrea Modica: Lentini

So much lyrical grace in just a handful of pictures. Exquisite. 

Nathan Pearce: Crops

Nathan is the singular poet of the place I love the most.

Sheron Rupp: Taken From Memory

Both long-awaited and a fresh revelation. Perhaps my most-shared book of the year.

Felipe Russo: Garagem Automática

I looked through this just once in Paris; it stuck with me that hard.

Nico Silberfaden: Camila San Pedro

Tender and brief: Nico’s restraint is pitch-perfect in both content and form. 

Mike Slack: Walking in Place 2: Berlin

Begging your pardon, I lift from Kerouac: “Mike, you got eyes.”

Andrew Waits: Aporia

This one will take me a while to figure out. I like that. Also: beautifully produced.

Doran Walot: When I Let Myself Feel, All I Feel Is Lousy

A funny, strange, off-kilter little gem of a book. I’m keen to see more from this kid.

Terri Weifenbach: Des Oiseaux

As much I enjoy puzzling out why Terri’s pictures beguile me so, I prefer just to sit back and enjoy.

Clint Woodside: Independence

Gotta keep the boss-man happy. Just kidding: Clint’s book is nostalgic in just the right way – wistful but never maudlin.

Tim Carpenter is a Photographer who lives in New York, but most if his work is about Central Illinois, so that's gotta be hard. He is also one of the the 3 founding fathers of TIS books. His new book "Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road" is mandatory... and you will see it mentioned on many lists coming up.