Raymond did his list a little different than most. He decided to pair some of his favorite books with some of our coffees that we roast. Since its Friday, we thought what better way to spend your weekend than with some of your favorite books and your favorite coffee... (we hope maybe its ours! ha!)

Slant by Aaron Schuman

Geomancy by Michael Lundgren

Des Oiseaux by Terri Weifenbach


Should Nature Change by John Gossage
Paired this with our Brazil - Fazenda Guarda Cerrado


Walking in Place 2: Berlin by Mike Slack

Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road by Tim Carpenter
Paired this with our Guatemala - Awal Nan


I Walk Toward the Sun Which is Always Going Down by Alan Huck

If it were not for by Michael Ashkin

Entrance to Our Valley by Jenia Fridlyand
Paired this with our Ethiopia - Bedhatu Jibicho


Hereafter by Federico Clavarino

Omaha Sketchbook by Gregory Halpern


Raymond Meeks is a photographer who lives and works in New York’s Hudson Valley. He is a lover of photography books and coffee, which is not the only reason we are friends... His kindness knows no bounds.