i'm not much of a writer. I leave that kind of thing for people who are better at that kind of thing like Brad. This is actually my first list and its weird for me to do it, but a few friends have been on me to do it this time around and, well... fair's fair.

I love photobooks... I love the community we are all part of. While i didn't get to see all the books this year, these are some of the ones that stood out in absolutely no particular order.


Jack Lathem - Parliament of Owls


Georgre Georgiou - Americans Parade


David Benjamin Sherry - American Monuments


Tania Franco Klein - Positive Disintegration


Tim Carpenter - Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road


Jenia Fridlyand - Entrance to our Valley


Mark Steinmetz - Summer Camp


Aaron Schuman - Slant


Cole Barash - Stiya
 *editors note: yeah... we put this out. whatever... i just fucking love this book. 


Gus Powell - Family Car Trouble


John Lehr - The Island Position


Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth - Sleep Creek

Clint Woodside runs this crazy thing called Deadbeat Club. He's alright. (yeah... its Clint writing this... this is weird.)