Photobooks Of Note 2018 - Kris Graves

1.) YAMOTFABAATA - Shane Rocheleau | Gnomic Book

2.) Good Sick - Jordan Baumgarten | Gost

3.) El Libro Supreme de la Suerte - Rose Marie Cromwell | TIS Books

4.) Wood River Blue Pool - Jo Ann Walters | ITI

5.) Nothing That Falls Away - Meg Griffiths & Eliot Dudik | Zatara Press 

6.) Half-Light - Shahrzad Darafsheh | Gnomic Book

7.) All the books I made this year


Kris Graves is a Photographer and publisher from New York. He runs the apley named Kris Graves Projects which makes some hard hitting but beautifully produced printed matter. Kris just got a residency at Lightwork... so I'm jealous... sayin is all.