Photobooks Of Note 2018 - Ed Templeton

These are books I have come across this year that have struck me in some way. Many are from photographers whose work I have loved for years, some are friends whose work I think deserve to be seen by a wider audience. I hope you end up seeing these artists work and enjoying it as much as I do.


"Okinawa" by Anders Petersen
T&M Projects 2018


"Termini" by Tom Wood
Editions GwinZegal 2018

"Women's Market" by Tom Wood
Stanley Barker 2018

"Varrio" by Gusmano Cesaretti
Little Big Man 2018


"New Vogue Beauty Salon" by Steve Banks
Deadbeat Club 2018


"Ninety Six Dreams, Two Thousand Memories" by Greg Hunt
Paradigm Press 2018


"On The Street 2" by Yuta Fuchikami 
Stairs Press (Japan) 2018

"In the Vicinity" by Ed Panar
Deadbeat Club 2018


"Empty Days" by Paddy Summerfield
Dewi Lewis 2018