PHOTOBOOKS OF NOTE 2022 - Brad Zellar

I don't see much out here in flyover country, but it sure seemed to me like it was a good year for photobooks, because almost everything I did see I loved. It was an especially killer year for my pals at Deadbeat. Matthew Genitempo's Mother of Dogs could have been full of stock food photos and it would still have been an object of beauty, but his own tender photos nailed it to the floor. And Alec Soth's A Pound of Pictures is the sort of teeming, freewheeling book I've always wanted to see him make.

Alessandra Sanguinetti - Some Say Ice (Mack)

Matthew Genitempo - Mother of Dogs (Trespasser)

Sabiha Cimen - Hafiz (Red Hook Editions)

Ben Brody - 300m (Mass Books)

Baldwin Lee - Self Titled (Hunter's Point Press)

Sophie Barbasch - Obras (Penumbra)

Andrea Modica - Theatrum Equorum (TIS Books)

Alec Soth - A Pound of Pictures (Mack) 

Ian Bates - Meadowlark (Deadbeat Club)

Vanessa Winship - Snow (Deadbeat Club)

Roger Richardson - Let Me Sow Love (Deadbeat Club)

Brad Zellar is a writer from Minnesota. He has a new book called Till The Wheels Fall Off. It is mandatory reading.